It’s been a DAMN good month. Yeah, I said it.  A damn good month!! When I first decided to blog about our journey with Brody I wanted to include the good, the bad, and the GREAT.  I wanted parents to read my words and gain hope.  I wanted Brody to be able to read my words and know that I was so proud of him for all he accomplished no matter how big or small.  

This blog post is to show Brody, and other parents that THERE ARE DAMN GOOD MONTHS!

Where can I start bragging? Brody took his first steps this month.  Yeah, the baby they weren’t so sure would ever walk, took his first steps right around 17 months old.  Something that means so little to Brody, meant the world to us.

He has no idea what taking those steps means for his future. For our hope. For other parent’s hope.

Brody has gotten 2 words down with sign language. 2 more than I ever did when I was 17 months old. He is going to communicate with us.  Something I want so badly, I know he can do.

Brody has ALWAYS been a very great non-verbal communicator and I don’t want to downplay his communication skills, it’s just such a relief knowing that our sign language training with him is working. 

Brody ate a real sugar cookie....

Mr. Texture Aversion himself ate an entire adult size sugar cookie. (Mom of the year, right?) Something so silly and so small meant so much to me while I fed him the cookie in front of friends.  He WILL eat real food, and learn the coordination to graduate from pureed food.

Our journey isn’t always “ damn good”, but it’s rarely “bad”.

The point of this post was to remind myself that even when Brody is struggling to meet some specific other goals, he IS meeting other goals all across the board.


You can celebrate the SMALL things while waiting for the bigger goals to be met.

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