Weeks have passed, and it is finally the night that I am being induced!

I was scheduled to be induced at 6pm on October 6th. At this point I was 0% dilated, and 0% effaced so they were going to start the process of inducing me on the night of the 6th so that I would be ready to go on the 7th.

At 4:30pm (about an hour before we would have head to the hospital) I get a phone call asking me to please stay home, all of their labor rooms were full and they did not have room for me.

Are you kidding me?

I have a baby with a cleft lip and palate!!! HOW IS THIS NOT AN EMERGENCY!!!!?

I was quite theatrical because I “thought” I was ready to have my baby. I called back around 6:30pm asking them if there was any update on me being able to come in that night, and they said they would call me back with any update they had.

Three hours passed (although it seemed like 3 years) and they asked if I could be there at 10:00pm. We ran out the door as if it wasn’t going to take us 6 minutes and 45 seconds to get there.

On the drive to the hospital it finally hit me.

I AM GOING TO BE A TERRIBLE MOM! I AM NOT READY! I was a complete wreck. 

It only took Chris 5 minutes to get me out of the car once we arrived to the hospital. Chris is a realist. All he had to say was “Even if you don’t go in to the hospital now, he’s going to come out eventually. That is the end game here.” Sometimes you need the realist, you don’t need cute lines straight out of a movie.

Fast forward through the labor and delivery (that’s a nice way of me sparing you the details).

On October 7th, 2016, at 4:11pm, a healthy beautiful boy was placed on my chest and at that moment every worry, every negative thought, and every doubt had left my mind.

He was here, he was perfect, and I was so ready to be his mom.

Every fear I had about people staring at him with sadness in their eyes went away.  All the anxiety I had felt to show him off to our family and friends was gone.

This was my son, and I was ready to tell his story.