Every mother remembers the moment they found out they were pregnant.

Some from the comfort of their home, others from the comfort of their local grocery store’s bathroom handicapped stall. I was the latter.

WHAT THE HELL?! How could I be pregnant? I wasn’t married, I was in a fairly new relationship, I was previously known as the Hard Liquor Harlot. Did I even want kids? I did what any reasonable person would do. I called my best friend, she brought over the 2 P’s, a frozen pizza and another pregnancy test. After the 2nd confirmed pregnancy test, I had immediate anxiety.

Do you keep a baby you’re not even sure you want? Do you terminate just because you are selfish and want to keep your life the way it is?

Obviously we know what I did, but I won’t get into my reasoning. After coming to the conclusion that I was going to keep “it”, it was time to tell Chris. Chris and I had been dating for just 2 months, and I don’t even think we were sure we liked each other yet.

Let me tell you guys, if you’re not sure if somebody is a good guy, tell him you’re pregnant and see what their response is.

The man who I wasn’t even sure I liked, had just become the man I knew I wanted to parent with. The most supportive, most genuine, most “perfect” partner. We told our parents, friends, and family and it was then time to go to my OBGYN for our first appointment and ultrasound.

The moment I heard “its” heartbeat I knew I made the best decision not only for myself, but for the baby too.

Nobody was going to love and care for “it” more than me.