I am now officially unemployed.

My house has never been cleaner, I have never been busier, and my heart has never been so full.

I am getting time with Brody that I will never get back.

While there were many variables that went into this decision, there are three main reasons why I quit my job.

Reason #1: I’ve been really focusing on getting my home “livable”again and getting Brody’s therapy room put together (future blog post to come on this). You have no idea how much extra time you have in the day to clean and organize when you now have the work days back in your possession.

Reason #2 (and most important reason): BRODY. The hardest thing as a special needs mother is feeling like you have failed your child.  I was missing appointments because I was too afraid to ask for MORE time off. (Let’s be real… there were A LOT of appointments and therapy appointments.) I was asking friends and family members to take him to appointments, even desperate enough to once ask my Facebook following for help.  It occurred to me that I needed a change only after Brody’s grandmother had to break news to me that I should have been there to hear first hand.  Having this time off I am able to go the appointments and “fully” be there.

The days were going by too fast while I was at work. Brody would wake up, go to daycare, get picked up, and by the time we got home it was dinner and then bedtime. I wanted more time to make memories.

Reason #3: I am selfish.

Aside from his compromised immune system, therapy appointments, and numerous appointments, Brody is a VERY easy toddler. I wanted this time with him when it is still easy. Moments such as carrying him through the zoo, sitting on a beach chair at the lake with him, or taking him swimming in a toddler blow-up raft. These are the memories I wanted to look back on when I reminisce on this time.

It may not always be this easy. With Brody’s genetic make-up we have NO idea what the future will hold for him (or it will always be super easy and I’ll still get this time with him anyway!).

Instead of regretting it later, I am making the most of our time now. 

Last but not least, I felt that when I was at work I wasn’t doing “my part”.  I was half-assing a job that needed 110% of me for at least part of the day. I was taking calls that were Brody related and just not mentally there.

I felt like I not only owed it to Brody but to my bosses and team also. They needed somebody to be there physically and mentally.

If you are able to (or have even considered) changing your role and just need that extra push, don't be afraid to make that your reality. While this is only one mother's experience, I have NEVER been happier. I know that I am doing what is best for both my son and me.

If you are currently staying home with your children, special needs or not, I’d love to hear about your day-to-day. Drop a comment or shoot me an e-mail!

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