The first half of my pregnancy was a breeze. 

I wasn’t nauseous or exhausted and I still had full control of my bladder.  But if you’re reading this, you’ve been there or you know what to expect when you’re expecting.

We went to our OBGYN at 12 weeks where he offered us genetic testing to see if our baby had Down syndrome or any other genetic disorder.  At that time, we had said no.

We had no reason to believe that our baby would have Down syndrome or any other genetic disorder because it didn’t run in either of our families.

Weeks passed, it was finally time for our 20-week appointment.  The night before I had a dream that the baby was facing the wrong direction and they wouldn’t be able to tell us the gender.

I woke up and said “How terrible would it be if they couldn’t tell us the gender?”

Chris and I both stayed home from work that day because after the appointment we were going to have our gender reveal party in front of our families.  When it was finally time to go in for the ultrasound, we were so excited. We had agreed before hand that “as long as the baby has 5 fingers and 5 toes”, we would be happy.

Oh the naïve things you say, let alone think, when you’re pregnant.

As the ultrasound tech was scanning, she stopped and asked if we wanted to know what we were having.  Without hesitation we said yes.

She typed “It’s a…… BOY!!”  on the screen and printed it out for us.

After the scan, she advised us that they did not get a good scan of his full anatomy because of his position and asked if we could come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound.  I think before we left I said, “Yay! We get to see our baby again in 4 weeks!”

Later that night we had our gender reveal. Chris thanked our families for all of the love and support and was happy to report that Brody looked great.

I was brewing a healthy baby boy and we couldn’t be any more blessed.

The next four weeks flew by.  We were buying boy clothes, nursery items, and registering for all the supplies we would need for him. My great friend was about to move to Charlotte, NC so I had asked her to come to the next ultrasound with Chris and me. The scan was just as routine as the last.  Immediately following the ultrasound we had a check up with our OBGYN.

I remember telling my friend that “these appointments are boring, they will weigh me and check my blood pressure”.

There was nothing boring about this particular appointment.