There is not a perfect Google image for “Delayed Development”.  It is not a one size-fits all toddler description. 

“But he looks so good” .... “He doesn’t look like anything is wrong with him” ........  “He looks so normal”

*Insert slightly offended face*

When people don’t know what to say about Brody’s development delay, they get nervous. They sometimes stumble trying to find the right words as to not offend me, “Well maybe the doctors are wrong” or  “It could always be worse, you don’t know how lucky you have it”

Sometimes I guess they don’t know what to say so they say, “But he looks so normal”

Just so you all know, I think he looks “normal” too.

I know that things he does, or the things he is not able to do are NOT “normal” for his age but that doesn’t make him any less, or any more “normal” than the toddler he is being compared to.

I do wonder why certain milestones come so easily for other “normal” babies when Brody has to attend therapies to reach them. I wonder why something so easy like eating is so hard for him, when it is one of the most natural things we do as humans.  (Wondering has gotten me no answers, imagine that.)

Seeing your child do something, he was never supposed to be able to do changes your outlook on the word “NORMAL”.  What if our “NORMAL” is just a little slower, a little modified, (thank you assistive tech) and a LOT of smiles.

I’ve celebrated MILESTONES, and I’ve prayed hard for him to reach small goals.

There are also those moments in between Brody hitting his goals, where the celebration has just ended, and the wonder peaks in.  When will he hit his next goal? What will his next skill be? When will it just click for Brody?

Although time seems like it is frozen during these moments, these moments do pass.

Those moments I need to be reminded that it won’t matter what his next skill will be or when he will reach that goal.  Most importantly it really doesn’t matter if it never just clicks for Brody. What does matter is how much he is loved.  How much he is CELEBRATED.

I am proud of our "NORMAL"